Timeline: 341 Meeting

341 Meeting – Meeting Of Creditors

At the 341 meeting, you will be questioned under oath by your bankruptcy trustee and creditors about your financial affairs. If you have assets with value in excess of the available exemptions, the trustee tries to gather information to aid in liquidation of those assets for the payment of creditors.

A Few Notes About The 341 Meeting:

  • The trustee schedules 12 meetings an hour, meaning your individual meeting will only last a few minutes.
  • Creditors do not have to attend the 341 meeting to file a claim or object to a discharge. In most cases it will just be you, your attorney, and the trustee.
  • You do not have to justify filing a bankruptcy petition; this is simply a fact-finding meeting where you will be asked yes/no questions about the information listed in your petition.

Be Prepared

It is very important that you are prepared for the 341 meeting with the appropriate forms of identification. For information on what you will need, see "What to Bring to Your 341 Meeting."

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