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Debt Relief For Individuals

If you are an individual struggling with debt, you have options. We can show you what they are. At Lynch Law Offices, our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience helping people like you get through these challenging situations.

We can help you. Let us show you how.

Contact us at 630-761-5274 to discuss your case with an experienced bankruptcy and debt relief attorney. We help individuals and businesses in Wheaton, Naperville and throughout DuPage County.

When you choose us to help you with debt consolidation and elimination, the first thing we will do is listen to you. Your case is unique and it should be treated that way. With specific details about your situation, we will take you through the various options available.

In many cases, the primary options are a form of individual bankruptcy, such as:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy

We will give you information about the choices you have to make to avoid home foreclosure, wage garnishment, creditor harassment and other stresses of having debt. Our bankruptcy debt relief lawyers will guide you through the process. Satisfaction is of the utmost importance. We will assist you in resolving your debt and provide you personal care and excellent customer service.

Our Service Is Helping You Achieve A Financially Sound Future

We do not believe that our service stops simply when your bankruptcy filing is complete. Our goal is to see you safely into a future that is financially sound and free of debt. We can provide you debt counseling and debt management guidance to see that this is the case.