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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Question 1: How much of your practice is devoted to bankruptcy cases? This is a better question than how long the attorney has been doing bankruptcy work, or how many cases they’ve handled. After all, an attorney who has been doing two or three cases a year for 20 years may be less experienced overall than an attorney who has been doing nothing but bankruptcy cases for three years. The laws have changed, and it is difficult to keep up if bankruptcy is not a significant part of the practice.

A: John and Roseanne have over 50 years combined experience and the entire practice is focused on bankruptcy. We have filed more than 1,000 cases in the last 5 years for individuals and small businesses in the area.

Question 2: How many attorneys are in the firm? Who will be my attorney? Many larger firms hire recent law school graduates to represent their clients, or have attorneys working out-of-area and you will never actually meet your attorney in person. You will want to know who will be going to court with you and be sure that it will be an attorney, not a paralegal.

A: John and Roseanne are a husband and wife team of bankruptcy attorneys that represents each client and are both familiar with each case. Because we are a small firm, it is not always possible for either John or Roseanne to attend each court hearing. In the event that they are not able to attend, one of our trusted covering attorneys will meet you in court for your hearing.

Question 3: How will my fees be determined? Don’t be fooled by firms that offer “variable” fees or say that the cost of filing your case will depend on the circumstances of the case. Some firms lure clients in by offering low retainer fees, but what you may not realize is that your costs will increase depending on how many creditors you have, how many times the attorney appears in court on your behalf, and a million other reasons.

A: We offer reasonable flat fees that cover the entire bankruptcy process: from the day you retain us until the day you are discharged and beyond.