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May 2014 Archives

Your mama done tol' ya ... to maintain a good credit score

Talking about credit scores always brings to mind the song "Blues in the Night": A credit score is certainly a worrisome thing that will lead you to sing the blues in the night. A low credit score can mean no car loan or higher interest rates for mortgage loans. As a consumer, it is hard to see a credit report with that low three-digit number on it and not feel bad about yourself.

Illinois may study "Pay It Forward" student loan program

A bill is making its way through the Illinois General Assembly that could change the way student loans work in the state. The current system is not working, lawmakers say, because students walk out of college with unwieldy debt burdens and uncertain job prospects. Cumulatively, Americans owe more in student loans than they do in credit card debt. Forbes magazine reported in August 2013 that outstanding student loans had passed the $1 trillion mark, crossing into crisis territory.

Illinois House asks Congress to get a clue about student loans p2

In our May 8 post, we talked about the cost of a college education and the country's student loan debt crisis. Going into debt for an education has always been a gamble against future earnings. The problem now is that wages are stagnant, but tuition is not.

College graduates struggle with student loan debt

Growing up many American teens knew they would attend college after graduating high school. Media reports touting the monetary benefits of a college degree lead parents to push teens to study hard and gain admittance into college where a degree was considered a ticket to landing a first job and building a lucrative career. As a result, attendance rates at higher educational institutions around the country skyrocketed, as millions bought in to the idea that obtaining a college degree was essential to securing a better future.

One-third of Americans struggle with medical debt

Approximately one-third of Americans reported that they have problems paying their medical debt. With this in mind, it may surprise readers that the United States Bankruptcy Code does not address medical expense debt. Sadly, medical expense is one item we often have extremely little control over when it comes to keeping our expenses in check.

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