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December 2015 Archives

What's your resolution about financial stability in 2016?

There's really never a bad time for someone in the Chicago area to think about getting squared away on the financial front, but it is perhaps more common to think about it at this time of the year because of the approaching end of one year and the start of another. This is the time for making resolutions.

Could this be a viable option to deal with student debt?

It costs a lot of money to go to college. Ask anyone in Illinois who graduated in the past few years or who is in school now. Student debt is something that can pose a challenge not just to individuals in the here and now. It can put a major crimp on future aspirations well into the future. It has become a concern of major political proportions right on up to the federal level. And leaders are finding themselves challenged to come up with creative solutions.

Illinois ranks low as governments go. Foreclosures are 1 sign

There is a lot to love about living in Illinois. And many in Chicago and the surrounding environs are proud to call the region home. But few would argue that life in the Land of Lincoln is all that it could be. Taxes are high. The cost of living can be high, too. Those things, and other issues combined mean the state gets a rather big black eye in one group's analysis of how well the state is run.

'Tis the season to be jolly, but beware of emergency loans

Everyone who openly celebrates the holidays in Illinois wants these days to be joyful ones. The challenge that many may face, though, is dealing with the feeling that making the season bright somehow requires making good all the material desires that loved ones might have. For many others, just making ends meet can create a lot of pressure.

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