Jeff Foxworthy’s fan base might not be solid in Chicago, but the comedian does have some good one-liners. For example, there’s this one. “You might be a redneck if… the stock market crashes and it doesn’t affect you one bit.” Foxworthy has a whole slew of these. The suggestion of most is that those who fit his redneck stereotype tend to be in lower income brackets.

The reality, of course, is that being in financially difficult straits isn’t something that knows a specific demographic. And there is certainly nothing funny about being in the condition of needing debt relief. Fortunately, a safety valve exists and by consulting with a skilled bankruptcy attorney you can discover a solution that fits your needs.

Financial management experts generally agree that there are some clear indicators that a person might be going broke and possibly be on the verge of needing recovery. It includes the following:

  • Spending money on wants before needs: Maybe you feel that double latte from the corner coffee shop is what you deserve, but if you are coming up short on covering everyday costs you might be going broke.
  • Living payday to payday: If you find yourself regularly saying, “I just have to make it to my next check,” you could be on the cusp of trouble. Experts say this is often the result of impulse living and the way to step back from the ledge is to do an honest budget analysis, determine what is needed to live within your means and committing to doing what it takes.
  • Covering everyday expenses with plastic: This can happen if you’re operating without a budget. Static expenses like housing, utilities and food can be identified and planned for so that credit cards or payday loans aren’t needed.
  • There’s nothing in savings: This is one of those things that every expert says is necessary. It can be difficult, but putting some small amount away for retirement or in case of emergency may be possible.
  • Living in denial: If you can’t look at your account balances without turning red, you could be going broke. Resolution only happens when such problems are faced and a commitment is made to get out of trouble.

Step one is seeking the right help from the right resource.