Bankruptcy filings can a take a bit of time to put together properly. However, there are those in Illinois who may not have all the time in the world to wait. Sometimes, due to creditor threats of foreclosure or repossession — among other things — there is a need to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protections immediately. If you are in such a position, an emergency filing may be right for you.

How does an emergency filing work? An emergency filing can be submitted to court the same day or the next. The information provided in such a filing is minimal, but it is enough to achieve an automatic stay — meaning creditors cannot continue the foreclosure process, seize any assets, attempt to collect on debts or contact you, among other things.

After you submit an emergency filing, you will only have a short window of time to put a full bankruptcy filing together. In the state of Illinois, that window is actually only 14 days. A full bankruptcy petition requires a lot of information, and if you make any mistakes it could result in your request being denied. For this reason, going it alone is not suggested.

An experienced bankruptcy law attorney can assist Illinois residents take the steps necessary to submit emergency filings — if their situations qualify. Further assistance can be provided in putting together full Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions. To learn more about this topic and how an experienced attorney can be of assistance to you, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.