The financial reality for millions of American — including many living in Illinois — is pretty bleak. According to a recent news report, roughly 39 percent of the population lacks sufficient income and savings to cover any sort of emergency or large unexpected expense. For such individuals, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be able to help.

A woman in another state recently shared her story of monetary strife. Serving as a registered nurse for roughly four decades, helping others facing medical issues, she found herself having health problems. Frequent migraines and subsequent mini-strokes landed her in the hospital on more than one occasion. Unable to keep up with her full-time job, she found herself taking jobs whenever she was physically able. This left her with spotty insurance and massive medical bills.

Sitting at $100,000 in debt, she worked with the hospital to reduce the amount owed which helped a bit. Unfortunately, it was not enough. She still finds herself in the position of owing more that her income allows her to pay to her creditors.

This is a story that hits home for a lot of people. Some may be struggling with medical debt like this woman, others may find themselves over their heads in credit card debt — whatever type of debt owed, they have likely found themselves in their positions due to circumstances beyond their control. Illinois residents who find themselves in serious debt and lacking income to pay their creditors may be able to seek to have some or all of their debts cleared by pursuing a Chapter 7 filing. A bankruptcy attorney can provide more information and help one proceed with such a filing if doing so is deemed appropriate.

Source:, “Millions of Americans are one paycheck away from the street“, Quentin Fottrell, Jan. 21, 2018