What do baby boomers, Gen Xers and millennials all have in common? Debt. Credit card debt, mortgages, auto loans and student debt — most people have some sort of debt and many of them are struggling to pay it back. What can Illinois residents who are struggling with debt do?

It is believed that nearly 80 percent of individuals in each generation is living with debt. It is a part of their life that they cannot seem to shake. Instead of their financial situations improving, money is getting tighter and debt feels inescapable.

Those individuals who are falling further into debt have to deal with late fees and fines. They may find themselves dealing with creditors claims and harassment. They may find themselves facing the repossession of their property and destroyed credit ratings. They may even find themselves being sued by creditors who just want their money. It is a lot to handle alone.

The good news is, Illinois residents who have found themselves in precarious financial situations — whether from credit card debt or other unaffordable monetary obligations — do not have to figure out how to get out of it alone. They can seek help, and they can seek relief. An experienced bankruptcy law attorney has the ability to review the details of one’s financial situation and offer guidance on the best way to address it. For some, bankruptcy may be the best answer — and that is okay. For other individuals, other debt relief methods may be available and appropriate for their needs.