Does the thought of having debt cleared give one hope for the future? It certainly sounds good when one is struggling to make payments to creditors. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can accomplish this, but one must qualify for this type of bankruptcy filing. How can Illinois residents find out if they qualify?

In order to figure out if a Chapter 7 filing is a possibility, one can take a means test. This test can be found online or can be obtained from a bankruptcy attorney. This is not a difficult test and it is pretty easy to read as well.

To take the means test, there is certain information one will need to gather. First, one needs to find out the state’s median income level. This can be found by looking at state census records or by looking online.

Second, one needs to gather information on one’s own income and expenses. The means test will simply compare one’s income level to the state median. If the median level is higher than one’s personal income or if a person’s expenses leave them with insufficient disposable income, he or she will pass the means test. This means a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an option.

Illinois residents who need help with the means test can turn to legal counsel for help. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will be able to assist one in taking the means test and filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy if that is deemed the best option. Legal counsel may also be able to offer other debt relief solutions if bankruptcy is not thought the best route for one’s particular circumstances.