National holidays are plentiful, and it seems that more pop up every year. In March alone, there is National Pi Day, National Mom and Pop Business Day and National American Diabetes Association Alert Day — among many others. Most people do not even know that all of these national holidays exist. There is one in particular that is relevant to this column that many Illinois residents have probably never heard of, and that is National Credit Card Reduction Day. 

According to a recently published article, this debt awareness holiday falls on March 21. It may have come and gone quickly and without notice, but it does exist. Why is this a thing? It is likely because most individuals and families in the United States are carrying a significant amount of credit card debt, and they need to learn how to tackle it.

When in debt, figuring out the best way to get out of it can be a real struggle. While forming a plan can take time, once it is in place, sticking to it should help one’s financial position. A few suggestions for paying down credit card debt include:

  • Budgeting
  • Consolidation
  • Debt transfer
  • Maximizing payments

Doing all of these things can help some Illinois residents improve their credit card debt situations. There are other individuals, though, who are too deep in debt and may require assistance gaining control of their finances — and that is okay; it happens. This is where a bankruptcy attorney can prove helpful. Legal counsel can offer real solutions and will help the client pursue the one best for his or her needs.