If you are ready to sell your house, you may consider doing it yourself or you may decide to hire a realtor. No matter how you go about it, know that residential real estate transactions in Illinois and elsewhere are not just about how much money sellers will get out of it in the end. These are legal transactions and if they are not handled the right way, sellers could be left exposed to some serious legal trouble. Legal counsel can help you protect yourself and your interests as you move forward with the sale of your home.

Selling a home can be a difficult thing. If you try to do it on a for-sale-by-owner basis, you may be unfamiliar with local real estate laws and you may end up with contract terms that are not truly to your benefit. Legal counsel can help you draw up a contract of sale that protects you and ensures the terms of the sale are compatible with local real estate laws.

If you hire a realtor, you want to believe that he or she will have your best interests at heart. You want to believe that he or she can take care of all the legal issues that may come up and that he or she will make sure contract terms work in your favor. The truth is, realtors are money people. They may work their hardest to make sure you get the best offer possible, but they may fall short in making sure contracts are written in a way that does not leave you exposed to legal trouble during or post-sale.

The only way to make sure residential real estate transactions are on the up and up and that they comply with Illinois real estate laws is to have legal counsel draw up the sales contract. With a monetary transaction this big, depending on a standard contract of sale that can be downloaded from the internet is not the wisest decision. If you would like to learn more about why having a real estate attorney can prove beneficial to you as you work to sell your home, please feel free to visit our firm’s website.