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June 2019 Archives

The number one reason people utilize Chapter 7 bankruptcy is...

Quite a few Illinois residents are currently struggling to make ends meet. Some have been in this position for a while, while, for others, the economic difficulties are relatively new. Health problems are believed to contribute to a lot of people's monetary issues. In fact, medical debt is said to be the main reason most people choose to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Illinois probate: Can I contest a loved one's will?

The point of having a will is to ensure various assets get passed on to the desired individuals or organizations and to ensure one's dying wishes are known. One would think that a will is solid and standing, but the truth is, there are various reasons to question these documents when estates go to an Illinois probate court for administration. What are the reasons that one might wish to contest a will?

Chapter 7 can help those with credit card debt

What do Illinois residents do when they do not have the funds they need to pay all of their expenses between paychecks? Many of them are likely to turn to family, friends and banks for assistance, while some choose to utilize the plastic in their wallets instead. Credit cards are often used to cover monthly expenses and other financial obligations. Unfortunately, this has caused numerous people to fall further into debt than they imagined possible. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, if approved, can relieve them of this liability.

Deed issues can hurt your residential real estate transaction

Illinois residents who are getting ready to sell their homes have a lot on their minds and a lot on their plates. Making it through a residential real estate transaction as a seller is not easy or stress-free. Several issues can hold up a sale or cause one to face legal claims after a sale. Deed issues, for example, can cause significant problems.

Want to repair your credit? Be careful who you trust to help you

Having bad credit is often a product of carrying too much debt or failing to pay debts as agreed. Many Illinois residents have found themselves not only struggling to meet their debt obligations but also keeping their credit ratings at decent levels. Some may be tempted to turn to credit repair services for help, but it is necessary for them to be careful about who they trust with their information.

Using bankruptcy to stop foreclosure: The Lil Kim case

Numerous individuals in Illinois are in bad enough financial shape that they may lose their homes this year. Some have already been contacted by their creditors demanding payment and threatening foreclosure, and others are only one missed payment away from this happening. For those individuals who want to avoid foreclosure and keep their homes, bankruptcy may be what is called for. It certainly seemed to help rapper Lil Kim.

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