Illinois residents who are in debt know what it is like to constantly worry about their finances. It is no way to live, yet many people in this situation struggle to make the call that may end the stress and the financial worry. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not for everyone, but there are those who will and have benefited from it even though others told them that would not be the case. Several people recently shared their debt and bankruptcy stories. Here is a quick rundown of what they had to say.

The three individuals who shared their stories each stated, in their own words, that bankruptcy was not their first choice, but it the end it made the most sense for their situations, and it gave them each a clean slate — something other debt-relief options could not provide. One woman said that the personal finance classes she took as part of the bankruptcy process has helped her budget and only use her credit cards for emergencies. Another woman said it saved her from having her wages garnished at a time in her life when money was already tight and she could not afford it. A man said it allowed him to walk away from his marriage without having to worry about being fully responsible for the shared marital debt.

All three of these people looked for other ways to solve their financial situations. Bankruptcy is generally treated as a last resort option. This does not mean one has to continue seeking further into debt before considering it as a solution.

Illinois residents who are interested in pursuing Chapter 7 relief can speak to an experienced bankruptcy attorney to find out if they qualify. Some may need it, and others will not. Either way, legal counsel can review one’s situation and help one take the best steps toward achieving freedom from debt.