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3 tips for selling your home

Homebuying season is fast approaching. The flowers are blooming and the "for sale" signs are too. As you prepare to sell your home this spring or summer, you want to do everything you can to get top dollar. 

Keeping your home when you file bankruptcy

If you are like many Illinois homeowners, your home is your biggest asset. Your mortgage payments likely are one of the biggest monthly payments you make. If you have accumulated excessively large credit card balances with large aggregate payments as well, your monthly income may not stretch far enough to cover everything.

4 ways to preserve family harmony after your death

It may be uncomfortable to face your mortality, but it is necessary if you have assets you want to leave to your loved ones. As you know, this is a major reason not to put off writing your will. However, disputes may arise among your family members even if you do have your will planned. To avoid fights that may create irreparable rifts in the family, you and other Illinois residents may need to be creative and conscientious during your estate planning.

What to do when a bank wrongfully forecloses on you

Home foreclosures are an unfortunate reality for many Americans. In fact, a report from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation found that one out of every 200 houses in the United States will face foreclosure at one point or another. A quarter of a million families will face foreclosure every three months in this country. 

Will Chapter 13 bankruptcy wipe out my credit card debt?

High, overwhelming credit card debt is a very common problem. If you find yourself in a situation in which you can no longer pay your monthly credit card bills, you may be considering filing for bankruptcy. However, there are many things to know and understand about this procedure, beginning with the differences in types of bankruptcy filings and how each may affect your credit card debt.

Rebuilding your life after a bankruptcy

After going through a personal bankruptcy, you and other Illinois residents probably have many questions about how to get your financial life back on track. Will you be able to buy a home or car in the near future? When can you get a credit card? Is it even a good idea to get a credit card after a bankruptcy? The answers may be more favorable than you think.

The dark side of 0-interest credit cards

If you are one of many who has received offers for zero-interest credit cards, you may be asking yourself if opening one would help or harm you in the long run. Typically, these cards allow you to make credit card purchases without paying interest for a predetermined amount of time, after which you must start paying interest.

Emergency bankruptcy: it’s not too late to file

You and your family have been struggling with finances for a while. You are unable to make your credit card payments, creditors are constantly calling you and now your house is being threatened with foreclosure. The prospect of bankruptcy has concerned you for some time, but you could never bring yourself to file for it.

When the loan costs more than the collateral

Debt comes from all corners of life. Often, it's payment on the interest or a loan that is not related to your current situation. When your financial situation is on the brink, you sell off items or get rid of extra costs--maybe the car that you're still trying to pay off. Unfortunately, some loans still ask for money even after the collateral is gone.

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