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Pet Planning

Many pet owners are unaware that one or more domestic pets, from “man’s best friends” to a menagerie of kittens, can survive their owners and be provided for in a person’s estate.

It’s true. And the details on how you can ensure a long life of creature comforts for your favorite creatures are available right now at Lynch Law Offices, P.C., in Lisle, with office locations throughout Chicagoland to serve you.

Estate planning benefits a pet in a number of ways, covering every contingency, including the possibility of serious injury or illness for you. Someone close to you could be designated to handle care of the animal, or even adopt him or her. This preparation promotes peace of mind for you as you face the future.

A Family Approach To Your Pet Planning Goals For Estates In Illinois

Attorney John J. Lynch works directly with you to determine costs of routine pet upkeep and veterinary care. Our law firm’s founder can establish pet trusts that specifically address your relationship with your pet. In the trust, a trustee would be named, a close relative or friend, to handle trust assets and maintain a fiduciary duty to follow documented instructions and use assets appropriately.

Ensuring a stable, happy home for the domestic pet or pets in your life couldn’t be easier. Just be in touch with our law firm to work out the details.

Your Free Initial Consultation With Estate Lawyer John J. Lynch

Learn more about pet planning during your important first meeting at any of our law office locations, including DuPage County and Will County. Contact us today at 630-761-5274. We respond promptly to all email messages.