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Probate And Trust Administration

The death of a loved one can cause emotional devastation and cloud one’s judgment, making attention to complex legal and financial matters a difficult task indeed.

An experienced probate and trust administration attorney can help you calmly navigate this rugged legal terrain, protect your rights, preserve goals stated in your estate plan and help you avoid unnecessary taxes and other liabilities.

In DuPage County, Will County and the greater Chicago metro area, that dedicated lawyer, that steady hand at the helm, is John J. Lynch, founder of Lynch Law Offices, P.C.

John J. Lynch’s decades of experience have taught him how to skillfully handle a broad range of estate administration matters for Illinois clients. His work with you throughout the legal process includes detailed investigation, thorough case preparation and personal service that puts you first.

Mr. Lynch represents heirs, beneficiaries, executors, administrators, trustees and other parties in probate, trust and estate administration matters. He smoothly coordinates efforts toward solutions for legal issues that must be properly handled after the death of a loved one. These matters include validation of a will, identification and appraisal of assets, payments to creditors and distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

Experienced Guidance For Illinois Estate, Probate And Trust Administration

Is a trust you established for a special needs child or senior relative now being called into question?

Is a disgruntled former beneficiary threatening to challenge an estate’s administration on grounds of incompetency or undue influence?

Has trust litigation become necessary after allegations of misrepresentation or misappropriation of funds?

Have you inherited real estate, or are you seeking to purchase real estate in probate?

For many years, our law firm has built its reputation for finding solutions to any probate and trust-related legal matter. You can trust us to ensure that your voice is heard loudly and clearly.

Your free initial consultation to speak with John J. Lynch can be reserved right now at this number: 630-761-5274. We respond promptly to all email messages.