Stark and image-laden metaphors often seem to centrally define the landscape for individuals and families in Illinois and across the rest of the country that are confronting intractable financial problems.

Darkness is an oft-seen depiction describing the difficulties that many persons face as they confront the slippery slope of ever-escalating debt.

Concomitantly, brightness is often offered up as a term applicable to individuals who proactively confront debt challenges by seeking legal solutions that purposefully respond to them. A couple quoted in a recent article on financial woes and debt relief refers, for example, to “the light at the end of the tunnel” that emerged in their lives following the reorganization of their debt through bankruptcy.

The author of that article — a legal and business commentator for a national news outlet — touches on a central reason why light can replace darkness for many beleaguered individuals and families who are hounded by spiraling debt. Robert Massi states that “filing for personal bankruptcy may be an effective way to restore optimism in your financial future and rebuild your dreams.”

Although there might once have been a stigma attached to bankruptcy in some instances, Massi notes that things are now far different in that regard. Resorting to bankruptcy, he says, is “no longer seen as a kiss of death.”

Indeed, a person who is flailing under a mountain of crushing debt can effectively take advantage of the long-recognized protections of bankruptcy (bankruptcy is mentioned in the U.S. Constitution) to regain financial traction.

As this blog has noted, several bankruptcy options exist, with each type being applicable to a particular financial situation.

Massi offers straightforward advice to any person considering bankruptcy.

“[F]ind a reputable lawyer to advise you,” he says.