A home is a possession like no other. How the homeowner views his or her property can run the gamut from, “it’s just a roof over my head,” to “this is where I was born and where I will die.” This can make foreclosure processes every easy or very difficult.

However, regardless of where on the spectrum someone in Illinois might be in terms of their thinking, there is one thing that anyone facing foreclosure needs to acknowledge. There are legal ramifications no matter what. The specific outcome you desire, whether it is to stay in your home or to leave it as smoothly as possible, requires a clear understanding of all options.

Consulting with an attorney with broad experience in real estate law, bankruptcy law and foreclosure law is one way to explore those options. By accounting for all the various loose threads that might be dangling it’s possible to develop a clear picture of possibilities and secure a legal strategy that is most likely to deliver the outcome you want.

Too often, the emotional distress of foreclosure proceedings is enough to cause a homeowner to panic. The first inclination might be to reach for the first solution that comes along. Those are not the best conditions under which to make such decisions. There are companies out there that promise to deliver what you want, but what they are really after is your money. They may say anything to get it and then do nothing — leaving you in a lurch.

Exploring options does not have to carry a cost up front. You can find a law office offering free initial consultation. Considering the ramifications, doesn’t it make sense to make that a priority?