A home sale is a huge undertaking. It is demanding both emotionally and financially, and you want to put yourself in the most advantageous position possible. This includes hiring the help you need. Whether you choose to sell your home yourself (for sale by owner) or through a real estate agent, an attorney can play an important role in the process.

5 ways an attorney can help

  • An attorney can provide professional assistance with legal documents and contracts. They will help you draft a legally binding contract with all the necessary components for a real estate transaction in Iowa. They can ensure that the deal is fair and beneficial to you and that you complete all the other essential legal documents.
  • An attorney’s trust can be a holding space for the “earnest money” that a buyer submits with their offer.
  • An attorney can help you prepare the deed for transfer.
  • An attorney can prepare an installment contract for you and your buyer.
  • An attorney can assist you in litigation should a home viewer injure themselves on your property and help with any other unconventional legal needs.

Consider the services an attorney can provide and include their compensation in your home sale budget. It’s better to get things done right the first time than deal with disputes or lengthy negotiations that could postpone your real estate transaction.