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Family-Owned Businesses

Lynch Law Offices, P.C., estate planning attorney John J. Lynch has successfully advised owners of family businesses in Illinois for decades.

Mr. Lynch understands the challenges faced by landowner and business owner clients, when the goal is to preserve these properties and assets for transfer to the next generation of relatives. Estate taxes, probate fees and various settlement expenses are major reasons why the vast majority of these businesses don’t last long enough to be inherited.

Comprehensive Business Estate Planning For Future Success

Our law firm works hard to guide you to effective business and asset planning, and equitable distribution to heirs, through forward-looking estate planning that anticipates any difficulty. We help you plan for estate tax burdens and suggest strategies that give you control over transfer of ownership.

Family businesses may already have invested a small fortune in land and equipment, resulting in impressive net worth. But cash flow, and the degree to which the business is liquid, is usually another story. So when estate taxes are applied, based on market value, this situation puts pressure on heirs to generate funds in other ways. If that cannot be accomplished, an entire property and the business on it may have to be sold, just to keep pace with taxes and other costs.

As your lawyer, John J. Lynch strives to guide you past this bleak future, building an estate plan for you that preserves assets, withstands tax liability and confronts any legal challenge. His command of estates and probate law, combined with one-on-one personal service, will have you feeling a lot better about your future, and those of your relatives.

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