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Power Of Attorney

Powers of attorney — durable, medical, financial — are all about peace of mind. Any estate plan worth its salt will have a power of attorney as its cornerstone, allowing for the planner’s medical decision-making and asset management control to be transferred to another party, in the event of incapacitation.

Creation of a power of attorney also eliminates the possibility that family members will be at each other’s throats during a health crisis or financial calamity. This proactive estate planning tool, and the “agent” named within it, takes the guesswork out of growing older.

The Illinois law firm that excels at the drafting of powers of attorney, and has for decades, is the Lynch Law Offices, P.C. Accomplished estate planning lawyer John J. Lynch established his law firm to help individuals just like you, with families just like yours, to cope with the changes that life can hand us without warning.

A Family Approach To Estate Planning In DuPage County, Will County And Surrounding Areas

Is a beloved senior loved one suffering from dementia, or serious injuries sustained in an accident? Whether it’s the power of attorney or potentially more expensive guardianship option that’s settled on, your elderly relative’s affairs must not go unmanaged. This is exactly the kind of situation foreseen by our law firm, in advocating for the most sound estate plan decision you can make — for yourself or someone close to you.

You will also have the choice of a general power of attorney, assigning broad powers to the agent, or the limited variety, restricting its use for a specific purpose. As you can tell, there is a lot to discuss. At Lynch Law Offices, P.C., we enjoy educating our clients to available opportunities and learning from them as well, regarding short-term wishes and long-term goals.

The skilled estate and probate lawyer who can explain every issue relating to the power of attorney is John J. Lynch. You can benefit from his expertise, efficiency and exceptional personal service, starting today.

Questions About Medical POA Or Financial POA? Bring Them To Lynch Law Offices, P.C.

Initial consultations to discuss your estate planning ideas with Illinois attorney John J. Lynch are free of charge. Call our Lisle law office, or one of our four other convenient locations, — 630-761-5274. Your email will be responded to promptly.